Dr. Backoff Assembly and Use

To help user avoid supine sleep.


  • Elastic strap approximately 3 cm wide
  • Tennis ball


  • Scissors
  • Fixed blade or lock-blade knife


  • Cut off a length of elastic a little longer than 1 meter.
  • Tie the ends of the elastic together (granny knot) to form a circle.
  • Use the knife to cut approximately 3 cm long crossed slits on opposite sides of the tennis ball.
  • Poke a loop of the elastic near the knot through both holes in the tennis ball (all the way through the ball).
  • Push the knot inside the tennis ball.
  • Pull and adjust the elastic through the slits on either side of the tennis ball to produce two equal-sized elastic loops coming out of the ball.
  • Custom fit by pushing elastic into or pulling elastic out of the slits on each side of the tennis ball such that the elastic loops go around the shoulders comfortably, yet snugly. The elastic should hold and center the tennis ball between the shoulder blades.


Place arms through the elastic loops such that the tennis ball is centered between the shoulder blades.
Machine wash as necessary.