Sleep Consultants offices are closed January 16, 2024 due to inclement weather. If appropriate, patients will be contacted to convert to a telemedicine appointment.

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Sleep Consultants, Inc. has been accredited since 1984 for the diagnosis and treatment of sleep and circadian rhythm disorders. Our goal is to resolve the patient’s sleep or waking complaint by making the appropriate diagnosis, and then treating the problem until the patient is satisfied.

The first step in solving sleep problems is a comprehensive evaluation with a sleep specialist. If warranted, the best way to further assess the sleep complaint is with an overnight sleep study, either in our home-like sleep lab or in your own home. Treatment options are then discussed after reviewing the results of testing.

Please contact us by email or fax with your specific sleep medical questions.  Remember that we cannot formally diagnose sleep disorders nor prescribe treatments without seeing a patient, but useful advice often can be provided.  Our privacy policy conforms to all medical, state, and federal standards, and we apply this policy to all communications with “Ask a Doctor”.

You can email us with a question OR you can fax us at (817) 394-6282.

Our new portal,, allows our patients to securely access their health records, request appointments, communicate with our office, and more. Let our office know that you’d like to register, make sure we have a good email address for you, and we’ll email an invitation.

If you have questions about the portal or problems accessing it, you may call the office or send an email to

Two area locations for evaluation and follow-up of sleep disorders.

Convenient sleep laboratory.

Please note: Dr. Billy Eden uses space in our office, but is not affiliated with Sleep Consultants.